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Rules for Trading

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Rules for Trading

Post by Admin on Thu Feb 10, 2011 6:35 am

Here are some helpful rules for trading while in the Trading center.
1st of all, You have the right to Accept or Deny trading requests.
2nd, Don't get mad if people deny your trade, or haven't responded to your trading request yet.
3rd. Be especially nice to people while in the trading center, and don't say mean or rude things to them about their items that are going up for trade.
4th. If you need help, or have problem between you and somebody else that involves trading, or if you even see someone breaking the rules, Message only 1 of the Trading Leaders. Our trading leaders our sometimes wanting to make the Trading center better, so it's hard to make time for all of the questions/reports. So only contact 1, and the estimate time you will get an answer back is in 15-20 minutes. If you dont get a respones by 20 minutes, contact an admin with the question or report.
5th. IF YOU ACCEPT A TRADE REQUEST, be sure you post the den/server, time and what day on a message to the person your trading with.
6th. You can not trade any accounts. Only items on build a bearville. If the staff sees you trading your account, or making a thread about it, you have chance of getting banned for 2-3 days.
7th. Read the thread "How to make a trading post" to know how to put up a trading center, and more.
8th. Scamming is NOT allowed. If you scam someone, you will be banned for 2-3 weeks.
9th. Do not talk about trading outside of this topic/section. You may only talk about trading on user profiles and in this section of the forum. Also, trading leaders will be looking over threads and posts to see if everyone is following the rules inside the Trading section. ALWAYS be careful while trading with people. Some people arent very trusting. So be careful while trading, and try not to get scammed, BFT can not help it, and we can not do anything about it. So please make sure you be extra careful when trading. Thank you very much for taking your time to read this, Admin Brynn

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