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Rules of the "Join the Club" Section

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Rules of the "Join the Club" Section

Post by Amanda4LeafClover664 on Sun Feb 06, 2011 5:07 pm

"Join the Club" Rules and Guidelines:

Club threads are for members of similar interests to join together and discuss various Club related topics.

The owners of the clubs are responsible for their club. You see something wrong, notify the staff immediately.

1. There may only be ONE thread per topic, duplicate clubs will be deleted.

2. No member may be excluded from posting on any thread in BFT.

3. Hate clubs will NOT be tolerated.

4. Club threads are NOT chat threads. We have a General Discussion section for chatting. Added by Admin-- Chatting will only be allowed in clubs ONLY if you are discussing your thoughts on a topic, example, you do a tv series, and you would like to discuss your opinions over an episode.

5. If you are not interested in the Club topic, please pass it by..DO NOT spam the thread with negative comments. If you see anyone doing this, please notify the staff members.Negative comments are not allowed, but sharing your opinion is OK. Just dont share your opinion in a hurtful way.

6. Remember to keep all posts appropriate for members of all ages to view.

7. Off topic posts can and will be deleted.

8. Only 1 topic per club thread. Please do not combine your favorites into 1 thread.

9. Multiple infractions of rules and guidelines will result is the permanent closure of the Club.

10. Only 1 club per member. (you are allowed to JOIN multiple clubs, but you may only host 1)


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Re: Rules of the "Join the Club" Section

Post by ashleediva19 on Wed Mar 23, 2011 1:53 pm

Thanx This helps a lot!!!
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